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Auslogics Duplicate File Finder 9.0 多國語言免安裝版

  • 2020-12-07


  • 軟體版本: V9.0
  • 語言介面: 多國語言
  • 系統支援: ALL Windows
  • 推薦等級:
  • 軟體授權 : 免費版
  • 參考網站: 官方網站
  • 下載次數:
  • 更新時間: 2020-12-07

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder 是一款能夠快速找出重複檔案節省硬碟空間軟體,你是否知道在你的電腦中有多少重複的檔案?它們會佔用大量硬碟空間,並且這種冗餘存在亦不是必要的。Auslogics Duplicate File Finder 是可以幫助找到這些重複的檔案,這樣就可以刪除那些不需要的檔案,為自己的硬碟找回更多的空間。

• Improve computer performance by deleting duplicate files
• Identical files not only waste your hard disk space, but also may cause system slowdowns. By deleting duplicate files you can reduce time needed to defragment your hard drives and minimize time used by antivirus to scan your computer.
• Sort and organize your media collections
• Media files collections, such as music, video, images and photos, often become the primary source of identical files. If you have a music collection of several hundreds or even thousands mp3-files, you may want to sort them by deleting identical tracks.
• With Auslogics Duplicate File Finder you can organize your media files and increase free disk space needed to enlarge your collection.
• Find duplicate files by content!
• Auslogics Duplicate File Finder has the MD5 search engine which allows the program to search for duplicate files by content, regardless of other match criteria. It would be helpful, for example, when two identical mp3 tracks or video files have different names.

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