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Process Lasso 多國語言安裝版

  • 2020-11-08


  • 軟體版本: V9.8.6.16
  • 語言介面: 多國語言
  • 系統支援: ALL Windows
  • 推薦等級:
  • 軟體授權 : 免費版
  • 參考網站: 官方網站
  • 下載次數:
  • 更新時間: 2020-11-08

Process Lasso是一款系統資源監控軟體,主要功能是動態調整各個程式的優先級並設為合理的優先級類以實現為減輕系統的負擔為目的,此項特性被 Process Lasso 定義為過載抑制(out-of-control restraint),可有效避免統當機、死機、程式停止回應、程式佔用 CPU 過多等情形。

• ProBalance dynamic priority optimization
• Works great for desktops, laptops, and netbooks
• Persistent (sticky) priorities and CPU affinities
• Instance count limits
• Disallowed processes
• Keep processes running (auto-restart)
• Unique system responsiveness graph
• Prevent PC sleep for designated processes
• Differentiate between svchost.exe instances
• Extremely low resource use
• Stand-alone process management engine (uses as little as 1MB of RAM)
• Event logging

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