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Complete Internet Repair 多國語言免安裝

  • 2020-08-05


  • 軟體版本: V5.2.3.4120
  • 語言介面: 多國語言
  • 系統支援: ALL Windows
  • 推薦等級:
  • 軟體授權 : 免費版
  • 參考網站: 官方網站
  • 下載次數:
  • 更新時間: 2020-08-05

Complete Internet Repair 是一款完整的網際網路修復工具,可修復與Internet相關的所有內容。 Complete Internet Repair 不會將任何設置寫入註冊表,也不會在電腦上留下任何痕跡。 因此,對於您想要的所有技術人員; 您可以使用它,沒有人會知道您做了。 我們建議您在仍然可以訪問互聯網的同時立即下載它。

• Internet or network problem after removing adware, spyware, virus, worm, Trojan horse, etc.
• Loss network connection after installing/uninstalling VPN, firewall or other networking programs.
• Unable to access any website or can only access some websites.
• Pop-up error window with network related problem description.
• Fail to renew the network adapter’s IP address or other DHCP errors.
• Network connectivity issue with limited or no connections message.
• You are having problems connecting to secured websites (ex. Banking).
• A few other internet errors, but we will not discuss all here.
• Internet Explorer stopped working or crashes all the time.
• No network connectivity due to registry errors.
• Windows update does not work.
• Sticky proxy server settings.
• DNS lookup problem.
• And much more..

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