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AllDup Portable 4.4.47 多國語言免安裝

  • 2021-03-18


  • 軟體版本: V4.4.47
  • 語言介面: 多國語言
  • 系統支援: ALL Windows
  • 推薦等級:
  • 軟體授權 : 免費版
  • 參考網站: 官方網站
  • 下載次數:
  • 更新時間: 2021-03-18

AllDup 是一套重複檔案刪除工具,可以快速搜尋並刪除電腦硬碟中的重複檔案,你可以使用菜單中的選項來搜索特定格式的重複文件,也可以搜索電腦中使用的重複文件。除此之外,你還可以在AllDup中選擇多種高級選項,譬如文件格式大小,名稱和修改日期等等。一旦分析完成,AllDup就可以創建一款文本文件,方便你查看找到並刪除的文件相關詳情

• Fast search algorithm
• Find duplicates with a combination of the following criteria: file content, file name, file extension, file dates, file attributes!
• Search is performed in multiple specified folders, drives, media storages, CD/DVDs…
• Search through an unlimited number of files and folders
• Search for duplicates of music and video files
• Search for duplicates of digital photo files
• Search for duplicates of executable and any other files
• Entire folders or individual files can be excluded from the search by masks or size conditions
• The built-in file viewer allows you to preview many different file formats and analyze the content of the file before deciding what to do with it
• Ignore the ID3 tags of MP3 files
• Convenient search result list
• Many flexible options help you to select unnecessary duplicates automatically
• The unnecessary duplicates can be deleted permanently or copied/moved to a folder of your choice
• Save and restore the search result for continue working later
• Export the search result to TXT or CSV file
• Create shortcuts or hardlinks to the last original file
• For your safety all files that have to be deleted can be moved to the Recycle Bin or a separate backup folder
• Detailed log file about all actions

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